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Christmas in July

Posted by lehewitt on June 21, 2015 at 2:20 PM

It's gonna truly be Christmas in July the year for me!  I am so excited.  Elizabeth and Donald had attempted to find me a specific lamp called an OttLite that I had wanted for Christmas this past December.  They looked high and low to no avail.  Finally, in frustration, they settled on a gift card so that I could just buy my own from a store that carries them, at a later date.  I have checked about once a month for six months and they have always been out of stock.  It shows what good taste I have, everybody wants to be like me!  Today, June 21st, Father's Day, I decided to check again.  Hot diggity, they finally had them in stock!  I placed my order and even added a couple of new bath towels for the thrill of it.  Now I can anticipate that UPS man showing up with my new goodies!  I am soooo pumped!

Well, at least I was.  That is, until I got to thinking that my life has reached a point to where a reading lamp and towels are grounds for excitement.  Oh no!  I must be... no, I am not even gonna say the word!  I am hip.  I am happening.  I am chic.  I am even buff, well sorta, maybe a bit fluffy around the edges, but I am still vibrant and strong and with it!  Just because I aall excited about my new purple towels is no reason to doubt myself and my eternal youth.  Yep, I have beaten the system when it comes to aging!  I am like a twenty year old specimen.  

Ah, I feel much better getting that off of my chest!  Now I'd better go.  I need to trim my ear hair and take my medicines and maybe settle in for an afternoon nap.  I may even sit on the porch later and watch cars go by.

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