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My Village

Posted by lehewitt on August 3, 2015 at 8:55 PM

I love to reminisce.  I have so many great memories from fifty-plus years of wandering aimlessly around this big sphere of dirt and rocks.  I was fortunate to grow up in an ideal little village in Pennsylvania, surrounded by good, God fearing people who looked out for one another.  I can still mentally travel house by house through that little place and tell you evryone who lived there in roughly 1970.  I knew them all and they knew me.  All 250 of them.  We were all basically poor.  Money was a necessity, but none of us lived in great extravagance.  That was okay.  We were basically a happy bunch, an extended family of sorts.  There was the local general store, two laundromats, a gas station with a diner in the back, a tractor supply, an elementary school, a beauty shop, and that's about it.  We had all of these businesses to support the folks who lived out in the surrounding countryside.  I knew most of them too.  It was safe.  It was fun, adventurous.  We weren't inside much.  Both adults and kids spent much more time outside.  There was always something going on, something to do.  Some was work, some was play, but it was all a part of who I was to become.  

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