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Posted by lehewitt on August 28, 2015 at 3:20 PM

A pill that I have taken for a few years lists a possible side effect of vivid dreams.  I love that side effect.  My dream world is so much fun!  In my dreams, I live in a very specific house.  I can describe every room for you, especially the kitchen. I love the fact that I can eat whatever I want in my dreams.  I also love that my dad is still alive there.  We spend many good times together.  I can also levitate and fly at will.  I have become quite proficient at that!  What's not to like?

Why, just last night I had a dream about Will and Elizabeth, two of my three children.  They are supposed to go to a Taylor Swift concert soon and I dreamed that Will had come home from college to go to the show and Taylor stopped by to see him, since he is her #1 fan.  But, just as happens in the awake world with most women, TS has a major crush on me.  I tried to explain to her that she is too young and it would really weird out Will, but I don't think that she is buying my argument.  She is a pretty girl and rich and all, but Tay Tay, I am sorry, I need a rich pretty girl closer to my own age.  I am saddened that I have to break your heart like this.

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