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Posted by lehewitt on December 5, 2015 at 12:30 AM

I always seem to get myself into trouble!  I will admit that life is more fun that way, but still, I think I may annoy some people along the way.  Which people?  Well, those who live inside the proverbial box.  The ones who follow the herd and do not see this whole miracle we are living as an adventure.   You must conform!  Well, I am not very good at conformity.  I rather like being me!  I listened to someone droning on today about their miseries of getting ready for Chistmas.  I didn't join them.  I rather felt sorry for them.  I am excited!  Tomorrow, I am making Chex Mix.  Next week, it's cookies.  The Victoria's Secret Holiday Show is on TV this coming Tuesday!  What more could a guy want?  My son, Will, the 20 year old college student, has that gene too.  Last year he wanted a SwingWing for Christmas.  This year it's a yodeling pickle.  He gets it!  Anyhow, I know all of this probably makes no sense at all to you.  It's nearly 1am and my mind is always going in all directions at this hour.  I love the peace and solitude that the middle of the night brings.  I think I should go make me some hot Ovaltine and chill with FuzzButt before bed!

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