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Me, The Gnat

Posted by lehewitt on June 21, 2016 at 10:55 AM

I am guilty.  You are guilty.  We all are guilty of self importance syndrome.  It is just natural to feel that our lives, our work, our actions are a big deal.  I have been examining this subject a bit.  We tend to view our lives as more important than say, a fly or a gnat or a moth.  We also tend to view our lives as more important that say, an elephant.  Yet, we tend to think of the life of the elephant as more important than that same fly or gnat or moth.  Is it a size thing?  Now, I realize that the elephant is bigger than we are, but aside from our own species, are the larger critters considered more important?  We massacre hundreds, if not thousands of little critters just by driving the car to the store on a summer's evening.  Nobody really thinks much about it.  Now, I wouldn't strat running down elephants with my car because that would be a collision that I would probably lose.  But, how would I feel if I squished a hundred squirrels or bunny rabbits on my way to WalMart?  Would that be hareder on my conscience?  Why?  Because of the size thing?  I'm not really certain of the reasoning there.

So, here is my next dilemna.  We may think of ourselves as important, yet we are just as insignificant a part of the Universe as those pesky gnats.  There are an estimated 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the visible Universe.  Yep, that's just in the part we can see!  Additionally, there is reason to believe that there may even be other universes out there that we cannot even begin to detect!  We haven't even been to the planet right next door yet.  I cannot even begin to grasp the magnitude of this place we inhabit.  The closest comparision for me would be an ant who was born in the center of a large midwestern cornfield would most likely spend its entire life assuming that the entire Universe looked like a cornfield, because it could walk from birth until death and never reach the end of the corn.  My comparison is nowhere near being as dramatic as the insignificance of little ol me to all that is out there in space.  My entire existence is but a blink of an eye in time.  My importance miniscule.  Yet, I am here!  I am enjoying every second of my time!  I am a grand prize winner in the life lottery and I intend to be grateful for every second given to me!  The best thing that this examination has reaffirmed in me is to not sweat the small stuff and yes, indeed, it is all small stuff!  Live, love, be happy, be kind, enjoy!  Be humbled by the fact that you are a part of this grand miracle!

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