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Memorial Day Done Right

Posted by lehewitt on June 1, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Yesterday was Memorial Day.  It was a beautiful, early Summer day.  I slept in late.  I lounged around a bit.  Then we had a get together at 5:00.  We had the grill up and running and filled with potatoes and corn, hot dogs and kielbasa, pork chops, burgers and chicken.  Elizabeth made the cheese dip, the one with hamburger and cream cheese in it.  We also had Italian pasta salad, ice cream sundaes, a vegetable and fruit tray, and a couple of persistent ants.  We had tether tennis, horseshoes, frisbees and bocce ball in the yard for everyone to enjoy.  There was even a Minnie Mouse kickball in use that had blown in during a recent storm from some unknown neighbor's yard.  Later, we all played Balderdash around my large wooden coffee table.  It was a very relaxing and low stress holiday celebration, just as it should be.  Smiles all around.  

2016 has gotten off to a stressfilled beginning.  It has been a year plagued, thusfar, with negatives and challenges.  It was so refreshing to be able to put that to rest, if only for a day.  Hopefully, this was a sign of a turning point, a change in the air, a more enjoyable remainder of the year.

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